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Each year, people in many parts of the world spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on medications in order to gain a healthy heart. But research showed that they can keep that money in their pocket by simply moving to a greener area.

Belgium researchers conducted a nationwide ecological study consisting of 11,575 census districts within the country. The research published by Science of The Total Environment examined the links between residential green space and cardiovascular medication sales between 2006 and 2014.  

Predictors of cardiovascular medication sales are forest cover around the districts; air pollutants like PM2.5, black carbon and nitrogen dioxide; and socioeconomic background of residents.

Although socioeconomic status is a strong indicator for cardiovascular medication sales, the environment– such as green space and air pollution– also posed a significant impact on sales of the medicine. The greener the area, the fewer the sales in that place, the research showed. And the lower the air pollution level in the district, the fewer the medication sales. 

The study explained that the major reason why residents in greener areas contribute to less medicine sales is because these people tend to do more physical activities than those living in less green areas.

Looking for a new home? Consider going to a greener area. This will cause you to move more and eventually medication bills on your heart can be saved.

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