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Senior employers and retirees are valuable assets to the corporate world more than it realizes. Devise ways to include them into your business, and you will set yourself apart from the rest of your competitors and you will beat them all. 

Want to know how to have them into your business? Here are some of the things you can do. 

Provide a supportive environment

Engineering News-Record (ENR), a publication for the construction industry, suggested that employers focus on job site logistics. Work areas should be well-lit and ladders eliminated wherever possible, so older workers can “walk to work” and feel less fatigued.

In the car-making industry, Porsche went the extra mile by offering exoskeletons to help aging employees with repetitive tasks, the Financial Times reported. 

Job bank Monster suggested that companies provide larger computer screens, amplified phones, ergonomic workstations, etc. to make the office more age-friendly. 

Allow working off-site

For employers in the construction industry, ENR advised that companies allow older workers to work off-site and do the prefabrication work away from construction sites. 

So while older staff do the off-site assembling of components, their younger peers take charge of the more strenuous on-site job on the construction site. 

Offer distance jobs

The 50+ baby boomers are Internet-savvy. Offering remote work can be an excellent way of keeping senior workers in your business team.

From writing codes to document translation and graphic design, there is a broad list of jobs that can be done with computers and the Internet. And this list goes on.

Design flexible work hours

Alternatively, offering flexible hours is also an excellent way to keep aging workers in your business. It is suitable for employees who plan to retire and those who are working in retirement. 

Invite retirees to open courses online 

Inviting retirees to teach what they have learned in their professions in a recorded, systematic way, and all the knowledge accumulated can be passed on for generations. 

And if you have done all five things above, congratulations. Because soon, you will have no rivals in your business.

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