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Did you know that Elvis Presley aspired to become a serious actor, and Michael Jackson was shy and timid? And yet they were so gifted in singing and dancing that the moment they stepped on stage, the whole world got entertained. And their legacies have remained to this day.

Many of us seek to know our gifts and talent so that we may better use our time on earth. Some learn what they are called to do at an early age, and others realize their gifts later in life after trial and error. Still others doubt if they ever have talents.

What talent is not 

But the truth is, the Bible tells us that “Each one has received a special gift (1 Peter 4:10).” When it says “each one,” it means each and every one of us – regardless of our IQ score, education, family background or all other stuff – is gifted in at least one thing. Many people find themselves talented in more than one area of their life. 

If you think you are good at nothing, that is a lie. What is also a lie is that the talent, that special gift in you, is challenging to find. Identifying your talents is easier than you might think.

Before we get to the part of finding your talent, it is helpful to learn what talent is not. 

Firstly, your talent might be different from what you’ve enjoyed doing the most, just like a myriad of websites on the Internet would tell you. This idea can be effortlessly rebuffed if you recall how many times some people enjoyed singing while your ears hurt. They enjoyed singing but didn’t have a talent for it, and you didn’t appreciate it.

Secondly, your talent is not always the thing you spend the most of your time on, as those websites would say. I spend most of my leisure time watching food and cooking shows on TV, on the computer, on my tablet, and on my cellphone. But interestingly, I seldom cook. The enormous time I spent watching cooking shows did not turn me into a talented cook, not even a single bit. 

Thirdly, your talent is not where you spend most of your money on, as many self-help websites would claim. If you do, you are a collector at best. Some people are enthusiastic about collecting model cars and aircraft, making them experts in those fields. But they are collectors.   

The Bible

Talent is given to you for a reason

So what is talent, a special gift? Unlike websites that can compile for you 10 to 20 lists or even more about how to find your gift, the Bible provides one clear and simple way to identify it. Even better, it tells us what that talent is for. 

This is how it is written. “As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. (1 Peter 4:10)” Your talent is THE one thing you can use to serve: Help people, put a smile on their face, and make their days easier. 

When you think from a serving point of view, you realize that the unique gifts of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson are undoubtedly singing, dancing, and stage performing because they put a smile on people’s face as they did these things, even though a singing career was not what Elvis aimed to pursue initially and stage performing stood against Michael’s shy personality.

In short, your talent does not have to do entirely with whether you enjoy it, although it is unlikely that your special gift lies in something you hate. If you do something and people’s hearts get lightened, their problems solved, and their days brightened, that something could be your special gift because your gift is given to you as a blessing to other people. 

Talent needs to be sharpened to become useful 

Now you may have discovered what your talent might be. But talent is like a rough diamond. It requires cutting, trimming, and polishing before it becomes a master of art and something people cherish.

Once we’ve found our talents, it doesn’t mean we don’t have to learn, sharpen, and practice to make our special gifts shine. Gifted writers hone their writing skills. Talented singers learn how to harness their voices. There is still hard work that needs to be done. Time and efforts spent to shape our unique gifts can’t be spared. 

Seek, and you will find. There must be a diamond in you as long as there are people who need to be helped and served. Find your talent and sharpen it; your life will bless many.

The Bible

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