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Rising sea levels has become an imminent problem of our times. The CTV News reported that rising sea levels could lift the global ocean waterline by 10 centimeters if greenhouse gas emissions continue to be unabated.

An earlier study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison predicted that by 2033, rising sea levels could submerge a shocking 4,000 miles of fiber optic cables that people rely on for internet and phone connections.

But is there a solution to deal with this situation? The answer is yes, and it is simpler than you think. 

1. Reduce carbon footprint 

The greenhouse effect is the major contributor to climate change that warms the earth. BBC reported that scientists believed that people add to the natural greenhouse effect. Gases released from industry and agriculture can trap energy, thus increasing the earth’s temperature. By reducing carbon footprint, we reduce greenhouse gasses and prevent sea levels from rising.

2. Protect wetlands called wetlands the “natural buffers for coastal areas” when it comes to rainstorms and hurricanes as they absorb rainfall and the surging water brought by storms. When we preserve wetlands, they would, in turn, protect our lands.  

3. Go Green

Plant more trees and save trees. Trees sip water when it rains. It also allows our environment to cool off. Additionally, going paperless helps preserve forestlands. 

Setting computers and printers to double-sided printing and reuse one-sided copies as scrap paper can be an advantage, too.

4. Reduce food waste

According to Drawdown by Paul Hawken, an estimated 26.2 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions would be avoided if we reduce 50 percent of the food waste by 2050. So the less food waste, the fewer greenhouse gasses.  

5. Push for a climate action plan

Create a climate action plan for your community or business and stop rising sea levels through congregated efforts. 

“Earth’s climate has changed throughout history,” NASA wrote. And this will change forever. Taking precautions to avoid the problem is the solution itself. And it is not that hard as we would have imagined.

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