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People are the most valuable assets of a business. Quite a few would agree that suitable employees are sometimes hard to find. Even challenging is that stereotypes and misbeliefs, such as myths about older people, can hinder a business’s ability to find a good fit. These are some of the common ones.

Myth 1: Older people are much the same

Fact: One of the biggest aging myths about older people is that they are all alike. But we have all seen people who are witty, alert, and in good shape beyond their 70s. People can also age quite differently within the same age group. 

Myth 2: People with age have declining memory and intelligence

Fact: The second aging myth about older people is that they are not as bright as their younger peers. But evidence showed that knowledge and expertise could keep increasing well past the age of 80. Another study, spanning 20 years, found that there was no severe memory and intelligence decline until 90 years old and that age had no influence on short-term memory for a sound and healthy person. 

Myth 3: Senior citizens do not use technologies

Fact: A German study back in 1991 found itself unable to verify that older people were not motivated in dealing with technical innovations. More recently, the Pew Research Center found that technology use among older adults in the US has been rising steadily since 2013. So baby boomers do use technologies.

Myth 4: Aging employees are less productive

Fact: In a study involving people aged 20-31 and 65-80 on the two groups’ performances on 12 tasks, researchers found the older group to be consistently more productive and reliable than the younger group. Researchers said that strategies for solving assignments, a high level of motivation, and a stable mood among older respondents might be why they performed better than younger counterparts. 

Myth 5: Older workers are prone to accidents 

Fact: It is true that when older people get into accidents, their injuries can be more severe than younger ones. However, the younger workers have more accidents per employee hour, not senior workers. So let us get it straight. 

Myth 6: Training of older workers is a waste of time

Fact: Older workers are known for their loyalty, dependability, and attitude toward work. They tend to stay longer and have more commitment to the company. Training older workers can never be a waste of time or waste a company’s precious budget. 

Myth 7: Older people cannot be entrusted with creative jobs

Fact: Michelangelo designed St Peter’s Basilica when he was in his 70s. Grandma Moses began her painting career when she was almost 80 years old. Creativity is innate. Creative people are creative at every stage of their lives. They do not become suddenly un-creative just because they hit a certain age. 

Now that the myths are debunked, you know how to search for the best talents. 

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