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Home is a shelter that protects us from polluted air, such as allergic triggering pollen, wildfires, and dust and mites among others. When the air outside is smoky and hazy and filled with airborne particles floating around, you will want your home to be the last place where you can breathe freely. That is what an air purifier is for.   

Consumer Reports and tom’s guide, an authoritative online guide to consumer electronics, advise that before choosing an air purifier, people consider the following:

  1. Determine how much space you want the air purifier to clean. 
  2. The type of pollutants to filter out. 
  3. Cost to replace filters. 
  4. Certifications: Energy Star, AHAM Verified, or the equivalent. 
  5.  Noise that you can accept.
  6. Choose air purifiers with HEPA filters as recommended by the American Lung Association.

Take a look at the products we have for you.

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