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Age discrimination is one of the biggest challenges in workplace nowadays. The New York Times reported that many workers are being turned away because they are over 50, or even 40, despite having the right qualifications for a job.

However, hiring or retaining older workers is precisely what a smart employer should do. 

Forbes wrote that “when it comes to hiring, smart employers know that it’s not about age.” Strong work-ethic, well-experienced, and excellent communication skills are only some of the reasons why hiring older workers is a cleaver thing to do.

So if you are a business owner or hire for companies and organizations, these are the positions that older adults can be good fits. 

1. Consultant

Senior adults with professional and management backgrounds can be the best picks for consulting jobs. 

Forbes said that older workers are baked with management skills, leadership skills, and communication skills needed to be consultants. 

2. Coach

A sport is not only a physical game but a mind game. It requires intense mental power, including how and when to use skills and techniques. This mental strength, however, can only be sharpened through years of experience in the sports arena. 

That is why aging, or retired, athletes are the best coaches you can ever find.   

3. Governor, governess, and tutor

With their passion for helping and educating young ones, retired teachers can still teach and become perfect candidates for governors, governesses, and tutors. 

So if you own a governess agency, hiring retired teachers can save you a lot of time training. 

If you run online education services, employ retired teachers as tutors, and they will bring their expertise to your business. They can do online tutoring at home, without having to commute to the office.    

4. Customer service representative

Older adults have proven excellence in their communication skills, which are developed over time as people age. They are more comfortable in facing and talking with clients.   

Corp! Magazine wrote that “Face-to-face communication is an essential skill in the business world and one where junior staffers sometimes struggle and could benefit from having a mentor.”’

5. Housekeeper

According to statistics from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), 19 percent of part-time workers aged over 55 are housekeepers because it is a job that gives them flexibility and control over their own time. 

Wrinkles and gray hairs, even the inability to walk, cannot cover the wits and wisdom that only older adults can have. Be smart and find jobs for older workers. 

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