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By Dana Buenaobra/ Photo by Joshua Miranda on Pexels.com

It has been almost a year since the pandemic disease broke out. We have learned a lot and heard a lot. Not only is the COVID-19 spreading fast but also speculations and fake news about it. 

To keep off misinformation, we put together a list of fictions and facts based on what we found from the World Health Organization and John Hopkins Medicine

Myth: Prolonged use of face masks lowers your oxygen level 

Fact: Wearing face masks can be uncomfortable, but it does not cause you to become oxygen deficient. To feel more comfortable, knowledge of proper wearing of masks is essential. 

Myth: Most people do not recover from COVID-19, and the effect is long lasting.

Fact: People DO recover from COVID after good nutrition, enough rest, and medical care. 

Myth: Only older people get infected by COVID-19, not younger ones.

Fact: People of all ages have the chance of COVID-19 infection, no matter how old or young they are.   

Myth: Thermal scanners can detect COVID-19

Fact: Thermal scanners and thermometers only detect fever, but having a fever is not equal to COVID infection.  

Myth: Pepper in meals protects you from COVID-19

Fact: Pepper does not prevent or protect you from the virus. The best way to protect yourself is to practice social distancing– at least 1 meter apart from another person. Washing hands frequently and wearing a mask when necessary are equally important. 

Myth: House flies can transmit COVID-19 

Fact: There is no proven evidence that house flies can transmit the virus. But keeping flies and mosquitoes away from your house is always a good thing to do as they are carriers of numerous diseases.

Myth:  Covid-19 was created on purpose.

Fact: When a virus commonly found in animals mutates and jumps to humans, a disease outbreak happens. This process is the main theory of how coronavirus came to be.

Myth: Internal and external body consumption of bleach or disinfectants can protect you from COVID-19.

Fact: Do not ever consume the mentioned products because they are highly toxic. You can only use bleach and disinfectants on surfaces of objects. Soap and water are enough for your body.

Myth: Vitamin and mineral supplements can cure COVID-19

Fact: Although micronutrients such as vitamins D, C, and Zinc are essential for our immune system to function well, there is no scientific proof that the use of micronutrient supplements can treat COVID-19.

Misinformation causes unnecessary panic, especially in times of pandemic. So, it is very crucial to check information from reliable resources. And let us know COVID-19 better by this winter.

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