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No. Not supplement. Playing poker games? Maybe. But it is even simpler than that.

You have learned that staying hydrated keeps your skin supple and that drinking water helps lose weight. What you probably don’t know is that adequate water intake makes your brain agile, too.

It is particularly true for women over age 60, a study found. There is no need to spend a fortune on expensive supplements to prevent cognitive decline. 

Pennsylvania State University researchers tested 2,506 adults aged 60 and beyond, with men and women nearly equally divided, on the associations of water intake and cognitive functions. Tests include verbal learning and memory; categorical verbal fluency; and processing speed, sustained attention, and working memory. 

The results, published in European Journal of Nutrition, showed that when factors like age, education, nighttime sleep, diabetes status, and physical activity were controlled, women with higher and the lowest calculated serum osmolarity (Sosm) scored lower on the cognitive test of processing speed than those people with Sosm 285–289 mmol/L.

Women who failed to consume ≥ 1 mL/kcal and ≥ 1500 mL water a day also scored lower on the processing speed test and had lower performances on categorical verbal fluency. 

So ladies, if you want to maintain your witty self as you age, the simplest way is to gulp down bottles of water every day. 

What if you don’t have a water bottle with you as you go outside? Look for fruits, veggies, and even meat. Medical News Today and WebMD said that these are the types of food also help improve water intake, so you have more options to replenish your brain. 

Percentage of water content:

1. Cucumber: with 96.73%

2. Iceberg lettuce: 95.64% 

3. Celery: 95.43%

4. Tomatoes: 94.52%

5. Romaine lettuce: 93.47%

6. Zucchini: 92.73%

7. Watermelon: 91.45%

8. Spinach: 91.4%

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